I'm an independent sound designer and composer.
Sound is a powerful tool, that it affects our perception of the image and helps us to construct our understanding of a concept subconsciously. I approach every project with a liberal attitude, bringing in a new aesthetic and focusing on special characteristics of sound which serves the story-telling well.
I have an affinity for contemporary sound design and specialise in all aspects of audio production including effects editing, dialogue editing, ADR & mixing for feature films, shorts, advertisements & new media. I've worked extensively in both India and the United Kingdom, and my experience spans genres such as drama, action, experimental, comedy, sci-fi amongst others.
Since 2009, I have not only worked on a number of international features, shorts and documentaries spanning different genres but have also conceived and worked on sound design score for numerous audio-visual installations and thereby creating experiences and tackling diverse subjects like space, ecology, technology and personal & local histories.